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Operating with a growth mindset

August 18, 2021
About the Author

With a proven track record of leading commercial teams, Ben joined Mirati as the Chief Commercial Officer looking for an opportunity to contribute value to a team already making a significant impact on human health and work with great people. Here, Ben shares his perspective on learning, listening, and having a growth mindset to be a successful organization.


t Mirati, we have an extremely talented team that does not look for the easy win, but actively chooses to focus on research in difficult to treat cancers for underserved patients. Everything we do as a company is cutting-edge. This pursuit is a result of relentlessly focusing on one thing: helping patients.

The urgency with which we work enables our organization to build from the great work and culture that has been established our humble start nearly ten years ago.

We proudly remain a nimble biotech focused on challenging areas and novel programs – we are not seeking incremental innovation, but on areas that can have a transformative impact for patients.

Our culture is one that values the team over the individual, bold action and an ability to move quickly. We chart our own path.

Truly listening to the people closest to the challenge is an important part of our success.

As we grow and advance our clinical-stage pipeline and approach commercialization, I like to think we prioritize listening and learning over speaking. Finding the right experts both inside and outside the company is essential to filling important gaps and addressing key risks.

I personally spend time with our new team members to talk about the risks of only relying on what you have done before and ensuring that prior experience is not an impediment to relearning new skills or addressing the unique challenges and opportunities we have. Truly listening to the people closest to the challenge is an important part of our success.

Mirati is filled with individuals who have valuable perspectives that will help us to advance our patient-focused goals, but we must first understand what has been done before. Once we understand, we need to operate with a growth mindset, learn from the lessons that came before us, and progress quickly toward the future.

To me, being relentless means we are not anchored in one place. We are constantly learning, improving and moving forward. My team and fellow colleagues “show up” every day, work hard to achieve our shared goals, and constantly put into action innovative ideas to help patients as quickly as possible.