Clinical Trials

Mirati Therapeutics is developing drug candidates aimed at specific genetic mutations that we believe are drivers of cancer progression. Our clinical programs use genomic testing to identify the mutations in patient tumors that our drug candidates are specifically designed to target. This strategy allows us to identify the precise group of patients who may best respond to these investigational treatments.

To identify clinical trials that match your diagnosis, treatment history and location, call 1-844-893-5530 or use our online MIRATI STUDY LOCATOR

Mirati is seeking collaborations with investigators and clinical sites interested in exploring program combinations and novel approaches to targeted cancer therapy. For more information, contact

This information is not intended to replace the informed medical advice or medical treatments of a health care professional. Only a physician can determine if a specific medicine is the correct treatment for a particular patient or whether enrollment in a clinical trial is appropriate for a patient. If you have questions regarding appropriate treatment of your medical condition, you must consult a suitably qualified healthcare professional.