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Mirati Therapeutics

A Quantum Change
Cancer is a genetic disease, and advancements in genomics have finally enabled us to treat cancer as such. Our focus at Mirati is on developing genetically targeted drugs aimed at precise groups of patients who harbor molecular drivers of cancer. This genomic approach represents a quantum change from traditional drug development and is the future of cancer treatment.

Charles M. Baum, MD, PhD
President and CEO

Image: 2 Scientists with Equipment

The Mirati Approach

Cancer is unique. Cancer is smart. Cancer is specific. Treatment should be too. Mirati is at the forefront of precision medicine -- developing genetically-targeted oncology therapeutics for carefully selected groups of patients most likely to benefit from treatment. Mirati’s approach to precision medicine combines three critical factors. Most importantly, Mirati’s drug candidates target specific genetic and epigenetic drivers of cancer. Mirati combines the therapeutic potential of these assets with its creative and agile clinical development strategies focused on identifying and treating patients whose tumors carry the drivers of disease. Finally, this process is led and executed by a highly accomplished precision medicine team, with a track record of bringing breakthrough therapies with accelerated development paths to market.

A Proven Blueprint for
Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is here. The DNA of lung cancer is now commonly analyzed in cancer centers, and that genetic information is being used to guide treatment decisions on an individual patient basis.

A blueprint exists for developing medicines with unprecedented outcomes with fewer side effects.

Members of Mirati’s leadership team, through their prior work, have shaped the development of many of those products on the market today. Mirati has assembled a diverse and accomplished team experienced in cancer genetics, clinical trial design and drug development to bring the next wave of precision oncology therapeutics to market.

Image: 2 Scientists with Equipment